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two of the compounds often

Most of them were invented in the lab of John W. Huffman, a Clemson researcher who has become the inadvertent Albert Hofmann of synthetic cannabinoids JWH 018 and JWH 073, two of the compounds often found in the smoke products, bear his initials. Huffman was looking for chemicals that would activate cannabinoid receptors in the lab and in animal testing.

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When Connor McDavid went down in Edmonton last year with his collarbone injury, he was out three months and the Oilers were toast. Lo and behold, the Sabres are in Edmonton Sunday for what is a nationally televised game in Canada, the second game ever in the Oilers’ new Rogers Place. And like the meeting that McDavid missed last year in Rexall Place, there will be no McEichel matchup in Edmonton for the second straight year..

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